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Articles & Essays on SF Poetry


Amazing Stories' Speculative Poetry reviews and news by Diane Severson Mori


Prune Juice’s April SF issue with essay by Deborah P Kolodji


All For Geek Alliance interview on poetry podcasting with Diane Severson Mori


“Science versus Poetry” by Geoffrey A. Landis


Rattle’s Tribute to Speculative Poetry

“Speculative Poetry 101” by Mae Empson

“From the Golden Age of San Francisco Science-Fiction Poetry to the New Age of Quantum Poetics” by Harriet staff on the Poetry Foundation blog

“Looking Back on my Origins as a Science-Fiction Poet in the World of Tomorrow” by Andrew Joron


The Idea of the Real: Notes on the History of Speculative Poetry (2002) by Mark Rich

Articles on Romanian SF Poetry (reprints)

“Science, Fiction, Poetry” (1996) by Geoffrey A. Landis

“On the Supernatural in Poetry” (1826) by Ann Radcliffe


Bruce Boston interviewed by Angela Yuriko Smith
Diane Severson interviewed by Bryan Thao Worra
Robin Wyatt Dunn interviewed by Scarlet Leaf Review
Alessandro Manzetti interviewed by HWA
Fairy Tale Favorite: Shannon Connor Winward interviewed by Gwendolyn Kiste
Howls and Fairies. A Conversation with Mary McMyne interviewed by Bryan Thao Worra
Steve Sneyd interviewed by Andrew Darlington
F. J. Bergmann interviewed by HWA
Sandra Lindow interviewed by Bryan Thao Worra
Diane Severson interviewed by S.C. Flynn
A Day in the Life interviews G.O. Clark by Terrie Leigh Relf
John Philip Johnson interviewed by Geosi Gyasi
G.O. Clark, Part One interviewed by Bryan Thao Worra
Poetry and the Paranormal: An Interview with Denise Dumars by Bryan Thao Worra
Innsmouth Intank: A Poetic Interview with Ann K. Schwader by Bryan Thao Worra
David C. Kopaska-Merkel interviewed by Joanne Merriam
Rebecca Marjesdatter interview entirely in haiku by Bryan Thao Worra
Writing Speculative Poetry: An Interview with Bruce Boston by John Amen

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Encyclopedia of Science Fiction offers a short yet comprehensive overview of the history of SF poetry.

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