All advertising is first come, first choice of placement, and must be paid in advance via PayPal. .jpg or .gif format preferred. Additional single-page ads are half-price. Website sizes and prices below; Star*Line advertising rates and sizes are, per quarterlyissue: $75/full page (5"w x 8"h); $40/half-page (5"w x 3.8"h); $25/quarter-page (2.4"w x 3.8"h); $15/business-card size (2" x 3.5" either way).

Banner advertising is available at the bottom of every page on the site, just above the copyright and advertising links. Custom sizes can be arranged.

spacer468 x 60 banner: $150/year per page; $450/year site-wide

300 x 250 rectangle
$300/year per page

$600/year site-wide

Left sidebar advertising is available on any page with a menu sidebar. Left sidebar ads are square or rectangular, 120 pixels wide.

120 x 60
$75/year per page

$225/year site-wide
120 x 90
$100/year per page

$300/year site-wide
120 x 120
$125/year per page

$375/year site-wide

120 x 240
$150/year per page
$450/year site-wide

Right sidebar advertising is available only on selected pages (see index page as an example). Maximum width 210 pixels.

180 x 150 small rectangle
$150/year per page

$450/year site-wide
200 x 200 square
$200/year per page
$600/year site-wide

Please inquire for rates on sizes not shown, or custom ad design. Ads are preferably related to poetry, science fiction, writing, or the small press in some manner.

If you are a member of the SFPA, you pay only half of the prices above.

The SFPA webmaster may refuse any ad for content or design reasons.
Please note that all advertising is prepaid.

Send inquiries and images to Payment via PayPal to Thanks for your interest!

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