2008 Halloween Poetry Reading
edited by Liz Bennefeld

Flame - Liz Bennefeld photo
Liz Bennefeld.

Halloween by Day - Liz Bennefeld photoHalloween by Day
Liz Bennefeld.

Night Sky - Liz Bennefeld photoNight Sky
Liz Bennefeld.

"The Conqueror Worm"
Edgar Allen Poe
WMA File (3MB)
Recorded by Stephen W. Wilson.

Lost in the Forest - Liz Bennefeld photoLost in the Forest
Liz Bennefeld.

Happy Halloween! - Liz Bennefeld photoHappy Halloween!
Liz Bennefeld.

"Spirits of the Dead"
Edgar Allen Poe
WMA File (4MB)
Recorded by Stephen W. Wilson.

by David Lee Summers
MP3 File (836KB)

Written for the 2008 SFPA Online Halloween Poetry Reading and based on the story of the same name first published in Blood Sampler: Subtle Sips and Spicy Shots (Sam's Dot), a collection of stories by David Lee Summers and Lee Clark Zumpe. Learn more about David at davidleesummers.com.


"The Biology Building"
by Karen A. Romanko
WAV File (647KB)

First appeared in Rogue Worlds 9, 2004. Please visit ravenelectric.com/sportyspecgls.html.


"A Maid Betray'd"
by Ann K. Schwader
WAV File (2MB)

First published in Werewomen, a chapbook by Ann K. Schwader (Nocturnal Publications, 1990).


"The Quince Bedroom"
by David C. Kopaska-Merkel
MP3 File (590KB)

First published in Strange Horizons, 6 August 2007. Please visit Dreams and Nightmares.


"A Canoe in Night Waters"
by Deborah P Kolodji
MP3 File (963KB)

Published originally in Dark Voices: A Collection of Poetry from the Writers of Wicked Verse (Flesh and Blood Press, 2002). Please visit Deborah at dkolodji.livejournal.com.


"Forearm Bones"
by Marie Vibbert
MP3 File (2MB)

Not published previously. You can find Marie on the Internet at reasie.livejournal.com.


"Its Hour Come Round at Last"
by J. C. Runolfson
MP3 File (598KB)

First published in Raven Electrick, July 2008. Runolfson can be found on the Internet at seajules.livejournal.com.


"The Sepultress"
by Rhonda Parrish
WAV File (4MB)

Originally published in New Myths. Visit rhondaparrish.com.


"Da Capo Senza Fine"
by Peg Duthie
MP3 File (606KB)

First appeared in The Pedestal 21, 2004, and there's more about Peg at nashpanache.com.


"The Thirteenth Hell"
by Mike Allen
MP3 File (1.3MB)

From Mike Allen's collection The Journey to Kailash (2008). Learn more about Mike Allen and his work at Descent Into Light.


"Hunter's Moon"
by Liz Bennefeld
MP3 File (483KB)

Written for the 2008 SFPA Halloween Online Poetry Reading. You'll find more of Liz's poetry and photography at The Moments Between.


"Hello Shadow"
by irving
MP3 File (1.5MB)

Not published previously. You can find out what irving's up to at twitter.com/irvingprime.


"The Bone Tree"
by Julia Rios
MP3 File (1.8MB)

Written for the 2008 SFPA Halloween Poetry Reading. Julia Rios may be found online at juliarios.com.


"Famous Monsters of Filmland"
by Gwynne Garfinkle
WAV File (954KB)

Not previously published. More works by Gwynne Garfinkle can be found at gwynnegarfinkle.com.

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