The 2014 Dwarf Stars Anthology and Award

Poetry Planet 2014 Dwarf Stars Award Showcase Podcast, read by Diane Severson

2014 dwarf stars anthology coverThe 2014 Dwarf Stars Anthology: The Best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Short Poetry of 2013

Editor: Sandra J. Lindow
Cover Art: Earth to Universe
20" x 18" oil on panel, private collection
© 1998 Donato Giancola
Layout: F.J. Bergmann
Publisher: Science Fiction Poetry Association

Award Winners

Mat Joiner "And Deeper than Did Ever Plummet Sound"

2nd Place:
Mari Ness "The Loss"

3rd Place:
David Livingstone Clink "Hourglass"

44 members voted.

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Mat Joiner is a writer and poet living near Birmingham, England. His work has appeared in Not One Of Us, Strange Horizons, Goblin Fruit, and Stone Telling. With Shira Lipkin, he co-edits the speculative poetry webzine, Liminality.

And Deeper Than Did Ever Plummet Sound

Anthology Table of Contents

2 spacer 7x20
1   Abyss & Apex
1   Analog: Science Fiction and Fact



Asimov’s Science Fiction

1   Canoe Haiku (Wolfsong Publications)
4   Cthulhu Haiku II, ed. Lester Smith (Popcorn Press)
1   DailyHaiku
2   Dreams & Nightmares
2   Dreams of Myths (Universe Pathways Editions)
1   Every Day Poets,
1   Flying Higher, eds. Shira Lipkin & Michael
Damian Thomas
1   Frogpond
4   Goblin Fruit
1   Gusts Contemporary Tanka
5   inkscrawl
2   The Magazine of Speculative Poetry
2   Mirror Dance
1   Modern Haiku
1   Mystic Nebula
1   Night to Dawn
1   Parody
1   Prism International
1   Right Hand Pointing
4   Scifaikuest
1   Selected Regions of the Moon (NightBallet Press)
1   Shamrock
2   Silver Blade
13   Star*Line
3   Strange Horizons
4   Tales of the Talisman
1   Valles Marineris (Universe Pathways Editions)
1   The Wordsmith’s Forge

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