Dwarf Stars Guidelines

On April 1 submissions open for the Dwarf Stars anthology, from which the best short poem published in the previous year is selected. Anyone may submit their own poems or those of others; there is no limit to how many poems you may submit for the anthology, but poems are selected for inclusion by the editors. Only SFPA members may vote for the award. Open to all genres of speculative poetry, including science fiction, fantasy, horror, and “unclassifiable, but speculative.” Poems must be no more than ten lines (or no more than 100 words for prose poems) not including title or stanza breaks, and first published in the preceding year; include publication credit. Sections of longer published poems are ineligible for awards.

Send email submissions (preferred) to dwarfstars@sfpoetry.com; please put “DS SUB” in the subject line of your email and put poems in the body of the email, with the following information:

  1. Properly formatted poem
  2. Poet’s name
  3. Date of publication (must be first published in the previous calendar year)
  4. Publication info:
    1. Online: venue name and URL (include page # for formats such as pdf, issuu, or joomla)
    2. Print: issue or book title and publisher URL or editorial address

Send postal submissions (discouraged) to the SFPA Secretary at the PO Box listed on the officers page. Editors of speculative poetry journals are welcome to submit entire issues; no need to name specific poems. Submission deadline May 1.

The Dwarf Stars anthology will mail with the July issue of Star*Line. Voting deadline is August 31. Only current SFPA members may vote. Online voting form TBA.

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