Volume 45, Issue 2
Spring 2022

Star*Line 45.2 cover
Cover: Greetings
© Barbara Candiotti

Wyrms & Wormholes

Hopes & Dreams

Lately I’ve been lucky enough to have good news arrive, and the occasional dream come true. As is often the case the good news arrives alongside strife, hardship, and much sadness amongst many of those I care about, and those I have not yet had the pleasure to meet. Life is filled with these types of dualities, and while these juxtapositions can often feel cruel, they are also the essence of the dynamics of life. Poetry is one of those artforms that excels at expressing these dualities, and I thank all you speculative poets of the world for the opportunity to share your visions, your joys, and your pains. Personally, one can use poetry as a method of healing, but on a grander scale we are sharing stories of empathy with one another. These stories combine to form our story, on a greater cosmological scale, the ever-forming mythos of our people. Ever since the first emotion was sung, we have shared our feelings, dreams, hopes, and despairs in this way. Each and every one of your stories is relevant, important, and a piece of the history of our species. May they grow into the dreams and realities of those yet born.

And congratulations to all of this year’s Rhysling candidates! In our 45th year of the SFPA we have a record number of nominees, as well as the largest membership in our history, all of which indicates to me that speculative poetry is thriving all over the world. It’s wonderful!

It is also my pleasure to share the great news that moving forward we will be raising our rates for poetry to 4 cents a word.

Jean-Paul L. Garnier, Star*Line Editor

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Table of Contents


  • Wyrms & Wormholes * Jean-Paul Garnier
  • SFPA Announcements
  • President’s Message * Bryan Thao Worra
  • From the Small Press * Herb Kauderer, John Reinhart, Lisa Timpf
  • Stealth SF * This Is Not the End of the World * Denise Dumars
  • Xenopoetry * ¡Muerta! (Dead!) *
    Josefina Pelliza de Sagasta, translated by Brittany Hause


  • All go somewhere * Richard Magahiz
  • Natural Selection * Andy Dibble
  • Celestial Life * Jamal Hodge
  • If Only * Ian Willey
  • Frost Flowers * Meg Smith
  • Hibertransformation * John Reinhart
  • Vintage Science Fiction * Mary Soon Lee
  • Abaddon * Robert L. Jones III
  • Thermoplastic * Colleen Anderson
  • [wormhole gloves] * Stephen C. Curro
  • [science fiction blues] * Gabriel Smithwilson
  • a world runs over * Brian Hugenbruch
  • The Orpheus Channel * Amelia Gorman
  • {FileName:3P4_P61_Terminal} * Nicole Bloomfield
  • [a portrait of the] * ayaz daryl nielsen
  • The Hanged Man Makes Bread * Sandra Lindow
  • Sweet William * Vanessa Jae
  • Keeping the Traditions * David C. Kopaska-Merkel
  • golem * Marisca Pichette
  • Harvesting the Future * Pedro Iniguez
  • Pittsburg Temporal Transfer Station * Alan Ira Gordon
  • [asking the 8 ball] * dl mattila
  • [come anytime] * LeRoy Gorman
  • Three Modern Roses * Lorraine Schein
  • Earthlings Among Us * Michael McCormick
  • [breaking news] * Ngo Binh Anh Khoa
  • [we don’t celebrate] * David C. Kopaska-Merkel
  • In Other Months * Lora Gray
  • [cries of disbelief ] * Stephen C. Curro
  • Ode to V’ger * Francene Kaplan
  • Forget That * Beth Cato
  • Caught You * Gerri Leen
  • Launchpad * Benjamin Whitney Norris
  • A Conspiracy of Smiles * Josh Pearce
  • If I Were Human * Marie Vibbert
  • [sting] * Karl Lykken
  • Sensitivity to Light * Gerri Leen
  • [the universe] * Greer Woodward
  • Bright and Breezy * Harris Coverley
  • Starbeing * Caroline Reddy
  • The Light Mine * F. J. Bergmann
  • Illumination * PS Cottier
  • You, Too, Can Read Minds * Lauren McBride
  • Speculations * Anna Cates
  • The First 100 Days * John Reinhart
  • [remembering] * Joshua St. Claire
  • Fretful Satellite * Gerri Leen
  • Thanks for Nothing * Randall Andrews
  • First rule of space travel * Eva Papasoulioti
  • [wishing] * Barun Saha
  • Killer Kudzu * DJ Tyrer
  • Seeing-holes * Marisca Pichette
  • Godzilla vs. the Crushing Weight of Free Will * Henry Kneiszel
  • Eating Breakfast Pizza with an Allergy * Tony Daly
  • [underwater vocalists] * T. R. Jones
  • Ice Queen’s Germination * Christine Butterworth-McDermot
  • [parallel world woe] * LeRoy Gorman
  • The Valley of Kings * Salik Shah
  • Microcosms * Deborah L. Davitt
  • Slue-Foot Sue Sets the Record Straight * Brittany Hause
  • Mainship—Be Advised * Lauren McBride
  • Kindly Stopped for Me * Avra Margariti
  • [star freighter] * D.A. Xiaolin Spires
  • Giving In * Debby Feo
  • Tough Love * Herb Kauderer
  • The Arrogance * Debby Fe
  • Poltergeist * Rhonda Parrish
  • [libs love zombies] * Gary W. Davis
  • Six-Strand Challah * Mariel Herbert
  • The Ghost Festival * Ngo Binh Anh Khoa
  • Petrified * Jason P. Burnham
  • [silently it came] * Lucien Reinhart


  • Rabbits Watching the Fire Rise * R. Mac Jones
  • prescience * Blaize Kelly Strothers

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