Volume 45, Issue 1
Winter 2022

Star*Line 45.1 cover
Cover: Down the River
© Dante Luiz

Wyrms & Wormholes

Power to the Poets!

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the power of words and language, both their creative and destructive potential. There is a prevailing attitude in our modern culture that the arts cannot make a revolutionary difference, and this is blatantly false. I believe that this attitude is proliferated by big business, to make us think that we somehow need them, and that culture is something that happens to us rather than something that as a people we are responsible for creating. Culture belongs to the People. Culture is created by the People. We are the People.

The humanities do make a difference! Think of all the books that have changed the course of history. We don’t necessarily know what effect our work may have as we create it, but each of us has this potential, and words are that important. Words are that powerful, so choose wisely. Power to the poets! While we may work in isolation, we’re in this together. A better world begins with the vision of a better world, and who better to envision and dream these possibilities than an international collective of poets! Power to the poets!

Jean-Paul L. Garnier, Star*Line Editor

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Table of Contents


  • Wyrms & Wormholes * Jean-Paul Garnier
  • SFPA Announcements
  • President’s Message * Bryan Thao Worra
  • From the Small Press * Denise Dumars,
    Amelia Gorman, Herb Kauderer
  • Stealth SF * Creating Our Own Reality * Denise Dumars
  • Xenopoetry * Zmiana czasu (A Time Change) and Dobre samopoczucie (Good Feelings) * Tadeusz Dziewanowski, translated from the Polish by Daniel Bourne


  • Lore * Billie Dee & Deborah P Kolodji
  • Monitors * David C. Kopaska-Merkel & Kendall Evans
  • [Paler than the blush] * Denise Dumars
  • Habani Gomi * Sara Backer
  • Earth Day * Ngo Binh Anh Khoa
  • Never Was a Princess Girl * Melissa Ridley Elmes
  • [Stone Age artifacts] * Ian Willey
  • Medea leaves behind a letter * FJ Doucet
  • The Fading of Yellow * Kim Whysall-Hammond
  • Universal PMS * Eve Morton
  • Utopian Cadenza * Mariel Herbert
  • Terraforming In Progress * Lauren McBride
  • [looking for love] * Amber Winter
  • Not One of You * Nora Weston
  • [one stick] * Richard Magahiz
  • [making extra sure] * ayaz daryl nielsen
  • [parallel universe blues] * LeRoy Gorman
  • [crypt] * David C. Kopaska-Merkel
  • Let’s Enjoy the Stars One Last Time * Beth Cato
  • Baikonur * Richard Magahiz
  • [space station love] * Amber Winter
  • [Born in orbit] * DJ Tyrer
  • Honors for My Lovers * Marge Simon
  • The Eyes of Argus * Deborah L. Davitt
  • [Going the distance] * Rose Menyon Heflin
  • We Smoke Pollution * Ai Jiang
  • A Change of Course * Sharon Cote
  • Fallen * Jeffrey Park
  • [motionless] * David C. Kopaska-Merkel
  • Metapatterning for Time Travel * Robert Frazier
  • Ajabu * Miguel Mitchell
  • Murmuration * Mary Soon Lee
  • Done Got Probed * Don Raymond
  • [CCR in headphones] * Gabriel Smithwilson
  • [testing the machine] * David C. Kopaska-Merkel
  • The Crow’s Church * Rob Cameron
  • Traveling Companions * Herb Kauderer
  • book master * Herb Kauderer
  • Harold and the Blood-Red Crayon * Jennifer Crow
  • Goliaths * Garrett Carroll
  • How Long Do Monsters Live? * Christina Sng
  • Pizza Night * Sarah Cannavo
  • Ratavism * DJ Tyrer
  • Disproof of Concept * David C. Kopaska-Merkel
  • [remote galaxy] * Greg Schwartz
  • Quantum Mechanics & Auto Body Repair * Alan Ira Gordon
  • Sycamore on the Outer Edge of Something * Julie Allyn Johnson
  • Earth * Jonel Abellanosa
  • [Green of galaxies] * Geoffrey Reiter
  • Still they burn * Richard Magahiz
  • The Stars Sleep Untroubled: A Villanelle Lullaby * Gerri Leen
  • Behind the Monolith * Benjamin
    Whitney Norris
  • Atom-Scattered * Stewart C Baker
  • The Curves of Our Everyday Lives * Lee Hudspeth
  • Finest particles’ dance * Yuliia Vereta
  • When Aliens Landed on the Beach * Gerri Leen
  • Fable of Beginnings (aka Big Bang Hypothesis) * Douglass Allen
  • Today * Beth Cato
  • Stars Thunder Down Like Rain * John C. Mannone
  • Divinity * Deborah L. Davitt
  • [postapocalypse] * Mark Francis
  • We Need More Intrasolar Direct Flights! * Lauren McBride
  • Slime, or Primordial Ooze? * Dawn Vogel
  • Interview with the Flesh Eaters * Avra Margariti
  • [snakeskin tote glistens] * Gary W. Davis
  • Jesus! * Soren James
  • Your Robotic Confidante * Nicole J. LeBoeuf
  • There it Goes! * Lauren McBride
  • self-advocate * Brittany Hause
  • The Land of Fire and Ice * Christina Sng
  • Worlds apart * Eva Papasoulioti
  • [wind moans] * David C. Kopaska-Merkel
  • Before and Afterimage * Jason P. Burnham
  • [diamond planet] * Christina Sng
  • Lullaby * Anne Carly Abad
  • [millennia] * Joshua St. Claire


  • Four-Leaf Galaxy of Funnel Universe
    * Denny E. Marshall
  • Locked in the Picture * Moses Ojo

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