Volume 43, Issue 2
Spring 2020

Star*Line 43.2 cover
Cover: Jacob’s Ladder
© 2020 David Ehlen

Dragons & Rayguns

Welcome to another issue of Star*Line!
       This is my last issue as editor. I have loved curating these pages for you and I have made many friends among the ranks of speculative poets.
       Over the last three years, I have been privileged to publish many poems in forms both traditional and recently invented. I have also included much light verse. And featured an interesting variety of speculative art, especially physical items, such as Virgil Suarez’s cyberpunk VW on the cover of 41.3 (Summer 2018), Calyn McLeod’s textile dragon in 43.2 (Winter 2020), and in this issue, a mixed-media painting with a 3D ladder made of wire that extends out from the canvas.
       It has been a great joy to serve the community of speculative poets. I would like to thank the SFPA officers, esp. President Bryan Thao Worra. And I wish F. J. Bergmann the best as she takes over the Star*Line helm.
       Keep writing your wonderful poems, everyone! And stay well.

—Vince Gotera, Star*Line Editor

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Star*Line Staff:

Editor: Vince Gotera
Editorial Assistant: Robyn Groth
Layout: Vince Gotera
Production Manager: Vince Gotera
Mailing: Andrew Gilstrap

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Table of Contents


  • Dragons & Rayguns • Vince Gotera
  • SFPA Announcements
  • President’s Message • Bryan Thao Worra
  • Stealth SF: Séance on a Wet Afternoon • Denise Dumars
  • XenoPoetry: Spanish Speculative Poetry • Elaine Vilar Madruga (translated by Toshiya Kamei)


  • he scores • Beth Cato & Rhonda Parrish
  • Cold War • David Barber
  • Monster • Sarah Cannavo
  • The Phoenix • Lynne Sargent
  • Dragons Guard Our Family Fortune • Adele Gardner
  • Assumption • F. J. Bergmann
  • The Candle • David C. Kopaska-Merkel
  • [aliens arrive] • Denny E. Marshall
  • [covid-19 spreads] • Alzo David-West
  • Ms. S. White, Single • Kathleen A. Lawrence
  • Spacely Space Sprockets Wants You! • Alan Ira Gordon
  • Medusa • Frank De Canio
  • Future Past • David C. Kopaska-Merkel
  • [saving species two by two] • Lauren McBride
  • Graves on Miranda • Deborah L. Davitt
  • A Ray of Sun • James Dorr
  • Social Media Senryu: @StillWaiting • T. R. Jones
  • Two Legs • Carrie Clark
  • [t)here] • LeRoy Gorman
  • For the Good of the People Career • Lauren McBride
  • In Love • Debby Feo
  • eschatology • Joshua Hiles
  • Hell Is Hiring • Jim Davies
  • Thaumaturgy • Paul Szlosek
  • Solar System Wake-up • Deborah P Kolodji
  • The Imp and the Bottle • Sharon Cote
  • [Caustic flakes float down] • John Caulkins
  • Solar Blindness • Cassandra Rose Clarke
  • Welcome to 3901 SW Chile Drive • Mack W. Mani
  • Beyond the Oort Cloud • Jared Benjamin
  • Darker Urges Still • S. T. Gibson
  • Love Per an Alien Star • Bethany Powell
  • What Goes There? • Christopher Fried
  • [gravity] • Denny E. Marshall
  • * • Simon Perchik
  • Sailing the Seas of Lune • Robert Borski
  • Neon in Robot Head • Coleman Bomar
  • Pursuit • Carrie Clark
  • Loving Enchantresses • Lorraine Schein
  • A Minute Before the End • Eva Papasoulioti
  • Time Travelers’ Convention Guide • Robert Borski
  • Query the Ghost • Juan Perez
  • How to Advertise Titan • Mary Soon Lee
  • Midmorph Madness • Debby Feo
  • Expired Copyright • Matthew Wilson
  • From the Final Writings of Dr. M. E. Claridge • Elizabeth McClellan
  • The Great Escape • Matthew Wilson
  • The Human Exhibit • Matthew Pritt
  • They Climbed Aboard that Starship • Bill Abbott
  • Lycanthropy • Lauren McBride
  • The Affairs of Beasts • Sarah Grey
  • A Public Place • Matthew Wilson
  • We Love What Remains • William Shaw
  • Stalker in the Night! • Adam Ford
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Venusian Checks List of Surviving Earthlings • Ronald A. Busse
  • [the invader doth] • Alzo David-West
  • [he sneaks in her cell] • Gary Davis
  • Puppet of Wrath, Man of Ruin • Maxwell I. Gold
  • The Apocalypse According to My Name • Elaine Vilar Madruga (translated by Toshiya Kamei)
  • El apocalipsis según mi nombre • Elaine Vilar Madruga
  • A Vampire’s Lament • John Grey
  • [Martian red truffles] • Karl Lykken


  • Guitar Bot • David Shultz
  • Robot Dance • Boris Grann & Neil Strahl
  • Alien Dinosaur #1 • Denny E. Marshall
  • The Arrival • Christina Sng
  • Pyramid Galaxy • Denny E. Marshall

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