Volume 41, Issue 1
Winter 2018

Star*Line 40.4 cover
Cover: Galactic Poet
© 2018 Akua Lezli Hope
Wyrms & Wormholes

Greetings, all! To those of you in the northern half of Terra, I hope you are staying warm. And to those in the antipodes, in the southern hemisphere, stay cool! And to those of us on other planets or in other dimensions, I hope you stay well: cool or warm, as you wish.
    Speaking of cool, Bryan Thao Worra will tell you about something very cool in his president’s message later in this issue: the SFPA’s 40th anniversary. Here at Star*Line we are celebrating the 40th by featuring cover artists who are also poets. Our cover artist this time is Akua Lezli Hope, who also has poetry in this issue. I asked Akua in particular to celebrate as well Black History Month (February in the U.S.). We actually began this in the previous issue: we honored Native American Heritage Month (November in the U.S.) with cover art by Yaqui poet Anita Endrezze.
    About the poetry this time, you’ll see some formal poems: a pantoum and a cascade by Deborah L. Davitt, a rondeau redoublé by Mindy Watson, gwawdodyn by Stephen Wittenberg Gordon, sonnets by Frank De Canio and Ann K. Schwader, a limerick by Lauren McBride, a fib by David C. Kopaska-Merkel, a spiraling abecedarian by Kathleen A. Lawrence, and a double abecedarian by Michael Kriesel: the first letter and last letter of line 1 are A, then line 2 begins and ends with B, and so on, using sometimes sound rather than letter on both ends… very interesting how Mike makes both ends of the Q line work. But even cooler, dig this: Mike’s abecedarian is in decasyllabics—each line has ten syllables!
    To you poets, keep writing wonderful poems and send them to Star*Line. To everyone, I hope you enjoy the poems in this issue. And stay warm. Or cool. But happy. Happy New Year, and happy 40th! Cheers!

—Vince Gotera
Star*Line Editor

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Layout: Vince Gotera
Editorial Assistant: Mary Chipman
Production Manager: Vince Gotera

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Table of Contents


  • Wyrms & Wormholes • Vince Gotera
  • President’s Message • Bryan Thao Worra
  • From the Small Press • Herb Kauderer
  • Stealth SF * In Transparent Petropolis * Denise Dumars
  • XenoPoetry: Japanese Tanka • Hiroyasu Amase (translated by Natsumi Ando)


  • How Assumption Defeated the Unisex Invaders • Ken Poyner
  • Tree of Swords • Deborah L. Davitt
  • [distinct clang] • Christina Sng
  • Failing Masterpiece • Bruce Boston
  • Trying NOT to Make a Sound • Lauren McBride
  • Filling Out Forms • Melanie Stormm
  • The Timeport Stops • David Barber
  • [the new models] • dan smith
  • Nightshade • Steven Wittenberg Gordon
  • [time travel lodging] • LeRoy Gorman
  • The Golden Cloak • Marge Simon
  • The Seraph and the Six of Swords • Mindy Watson
  • White-Nose Syndrome • Robert Borski
  • Dar Lugal • Deborah L. Davitt
  • Notes of a Rebel Princess to Herself • Maya Chhabra
  • Golden-Red Sunrise with Sea Monsters • Kendall Evans
  • My Pet Cthulhu • Josh Brown
  • New Planet Landscape 7 • Ken Poyner
  • memory • Brittany Hause
  • Interplanetary Poet • John Grey
  • [dark smoke] • Roxanne Barbour
  • Changeling • David C. Kopaska-Merkel
  • Hot on fhe Trail of Martians • Donald Raymond
  • Honoring the War God • Deborah L. Davitt
  • Ship Down • Vonnie Winslow Crist
  • [galaxy birth] • Roxanne Barbour
  • [Rustless metal shell] • Brian Garrison
  • End of Fairy Tales • Matthew Wilson
  • If You Would Seek a Seeress • Rebecca Buchanan
  • [endless loop] • Greg Schwartz
  • [afraid] • Angelo B. Ancheta
  • [whiskey tasting] • LeRoy Gorman
  • [Murdering invisible man] • Matthew Wilson
  • [communications satellites] • Roxanne Barbour
  • Nightmare on Elm Street • Frank De Canio
  • Song of Shadows • Casey Clabough
  • After Ash • Jan Steckel
  • The City Was Missing • Salik Shah
  • Green Men Don’t Talk • Sara Backer
  • A Progressive Reader Sighs in a Barnes and Noble New Release Bay • Richaundra Thursday
  • Gilgamesh Tomb Found in Iraq • Michael Kriesel
  • Clock Flies • John Caulkins
  • His Seed • Akua Lezli Hope
  • New Stars • David C. Kopaska-Merkel
  • dogsledding • Brittany Hause
  • Track 60 • Benjamin Schmitt
  • [en route] • Angelo B. Ancheta
  • [outside the chicken joint] • Greg Schwartz
  • The Stars Sing • Beth Cato
  • Venusian Arachnoids • David F. Shultz
  • Keep On Till Morning • David C. Kopaska-Merkel
  • Universal Immigrants • Ann K. Schwader
  • Vipers • Efren L. Cruzada
  • On Hunting Werewolves • K. S. Patterson
  • Shovel • Sara Backer
  • Contest at Olympus Mons • Matthew Wilson
  • Schrödinger Is Considered for Publication • David Barber
  • [at the center] • Tamara K. Walker
  • Animatronic Aliens • David C. Kopaska-Merkel
  • Haetae Moon • Jessica Jo Horowitz
  • Black Hole Haberdashery • Sandra J. Lindow
  • [microgravity peculiarities] • Roxanne Barbour
  • [out damned spot] • dan smith
  • [zombie apocalypse] • Greg Schwartz
  • [flickering flame] • Christina Sng
  • Thor at the Skateboard Park • Gary Every
  • The Nostalgic Time Traveler • John Richard Trtek
  • In the Folklore of Brain Worms • Richard Weaver
  • Everything started with the Big Bang, they say • Juanjo Bazán
  • safari • Brittany Hause
  • An Indigo Sheath • Nora Weston
  • Cinderella Continued • Kathleen A. Lawrence
  • Tupilak in Failed Séance • Joshua Gage
  • Eloise • Robert Borski
  • [writer by day] • LeRoy Gorman
  • [lost stick insect] • Tamara K. Walker
  • [pancake-shaped disk] • Roxanne Barbour
  • How It Pleasured Me • Akua Lezli Hope


  • The Golden Cloak • Marge Simon
  • Into the Light • Christina Sng
  • Superkitty vs. Octopus • Jack Foo
  • Stilt Runner • Denny E. Marshall

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