Volume 32, Issue 6
November/December 2009

Star*Line 32.6 cover
Cover: Apple Dreams © 2009 by Daniel Trout

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Star*Line Staff:

Editor: Marge Simon
Guest Editor: Bruce Boston
Layout: Robert Frazier
Production Manager: Malcolm Deeley

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Table of Contents


  • Quarks & Strings • Marge Simon
  • President's Message • Deborah P Kolodji
  • SFPA Message Board • Karen A. Romanko
  • Conference News • Gwynne Garfinkel
  • The Dark Surreal Garden of Verses • David C. Kopaska-Merkel
  • Call for 2010 Rhysling Nominations
  • Reviews from the Small Press • Edward Cox, Joshua Gage, David C. Kopaska-Merkel


  • Godzilla's Better Half • Matt Betts
  • Paparazzi • Robert Borski
  • A Partial Failure of the Kurzweil Process • H.F. Gibbard
  • Lepidoptera from Space • Elissa Malcohn
  • Bungee Jumping on Araneide • P.S. Cottier
  • Cabbage Patch • Robert Borski
  • Olam • Charlee Jacob
  • Excerpts from The Dreamtides of Tantalust. winter-damon
  • Lord of Infinite Diversions • t. winter-damon
  • The Tombs of Mars • G.O. Clark
  • The Crackling Diameters • Lee Ballentine
  • For a Few Coins, I Draw You a Picture • Marge Simon
  • Three Letters to the Prince of Falling Leaves • Rachel Manija Brown
  • The Sorrows of Elaine • Greer Woodward
  • The Sadness • Steve Rasnic Tem
  • Once that Last Star Dies • Michael Fosburg
  • The Dreamgod • Elizabeth Barrette


  • Interior illustrations • Randy Moore

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