Occam's razor shaves society

I asked the all-powerful computer to give a solution to misery in the world.
It told me misery would disappear if all inhabitants were euthanized.
This is also the solution to inequality, bias, and instability.

I told it no, I want to maximize total happiness for the entire population.
It then suggested a mass of mindless workers providing all needs to a coddled few,
And those few were quite content every minute of every day, while the rest felt no pain.

I said I didn’t want the inequality between one and the next to be so great.
So it rotated the citizens between the slave class and the privileged daily.
On average, every person’s net happiness summed to the same as that of any other.

I told it that life had to have meaning for individuals so they avoid madness.
So it hypnotized the populace with myths from the time they were born till their death.
Each one knew how its life fitted into a story that fit a plan.

I told it that instead truth and honesty must be prized in this society.
So it made a hellscape that just barely avoids destroying each person
They consider themselves lucky to survive the obvious horrors day after day,
And raise their offspring when they see what befalls the heretic childless.

And then I stopped telling the computers what to do with our society.
We’ll leave that to the dreamy-eyed youngsters raised on stories.
We’ll let computers pass us on the way to wherever.

—Richard Magahiz