Time Travelers’ Convention Guide

Upon arrival to Chrononautica, please set
your timepieces to Zulu Galactic.

If you meet yourself coming/going as a previous
or future iteration, it’s best to feign unfamiliarity.

Service animals are welcome for the most part,
but once again we are banning the presence
of therapy ’saurs. (Click “Velociraptor Incident”
in the program index for further details. Advance
trigger warning for Graphic Violence.)

Do not attempt to alter or override ID chips
as Management does not want to have
another Morlock-Neanderthal brouhaha.

Our special theme for this plenum’s costume ball
is “Assassination and the Retconning of History.”

Make sure you have all your shots. As always,
the convention will not be held responsible
for paratime illness or chronodivergent STDs.

For those suffering from temporary chrono-lag
or the inability to parse continuities,
the Santayana Lounge is an excellent place to unwind.

—Robert Borski