Advice Columnist Replies to Mrs. Frankensteinsmonstersbride

Dear Mrs., I don’t mean to offend but your last name is quite a mouthful. Since you didn’t give a first name I assume it is too. Apparently you are a new bride but claim you knew your hubby only for a few moments. I am not sure of these facts as your spelling and grammar, not to mention your handwriting, are really atrocious.

Was yours an arranged marriage? You said his appearance was a great shock to you. You actually call him a monster. And yet you say you were made for each other so please forgive me if I am confused. I hope you realize that looks fade over the years so physical attraction is not what a happy and lasting marriage should be based upon.

In addition, I am troubled by your seemingly unhealthy attachment to your father. As a doctor, he should recognize this as a problem for you both. Also, I think you need to sit down with your mother as soon as possible and have a talk, a very open talk, about what’s called “the facts of life.”

Sarah Brown Weitzman