2024 Rhysling Award Jurors

The finalists for this year's awards have now been announced.

SFPA sincerely thanks the follow jurors for their serving in selecting finalists from this year's candidate poems.

Jury for the Short Poem Category

M.C. Childs’ poetry has appeared in many magazines. “Tin-Head Soliloquy” (2018) and “Ophir, Coloardo” (2019) each were awarded second place in the SFPA poetry competition. Prof. Childs’ award-winning urban design books include Foresight and Design, The Zeon Files: Art and Design of Historic Route 66 Signs, Urban Composition, and Squares: A Public Space Design Guide.

Shy and nocturnal, Jennifer Crow has never been photographed in the wild, but it’s rumored that she lives near a waterfall in western New York. Her work has appeared in a number of print and electronic venues, including Uncanny Magazine, Asimov’s Science Fiction, The Wondrous Real and Analog Science Fiction. Curious readers can catch up with her on Bluesky @writerjencrow.bsky.social.

Rebecca Olson worked in the space program for over a quarter century and later moved to the Pacific Northwest on a whim. She has been reading and writing speculative poetry and fiction since before her first publication in her junior high school literary magazine. More recently her poetry has appeared in Eye to the Telescope, Star*Line, and other short form publications.

An Active Member of the HWA, E.F. Schraeder holds an advanced degrees in library science, and ph.d. in philosophy. The author of The Price of a Small Hot Fire (Raw Dog Screaming Press, 2023), the novella What Happened Was Impossible (Ghoulish Books, 2023), the Imadjinn Award finalist Liar: Memoir of a Haunting (Omnium Gatherum, 2021), and other works, Schraeder’s writing has also appeared in a number of journals and anthologies.

Jury for the Long Poem Category

Eliza Claudia FILIMON is a Ph.D. Associate Professor at the English Department of the West University in Timişoara, Romania where she teaches Film Studies, Audiovisual Translation and Literary Translation. Her academic training informs and supports her activities as a film juror, a screenplay assessor in international film festivals, a creative writing juror, as well as a literary and audiovisual translator. She is a member of the European Film Academy, a Board member of the PETRA-E European Association, a translation editor of international literary magazines, and the organizer of Shades of Meaning translation contest. She has translated award-winning prose and poetry from English, Dutch and Spanish into Romanian, and she supervises international translation projects in the field of audiovisual and literary translation.

Robert Frazier lives on Nantucket Island working as Artistic Director for Artists Association of Nantucket, with a 45-year career as an oil painter. He is a founding member of the SFPA and served as Editor for Star*Line issues 4.1 through 14.1 as well as some of the early Rhysling Anthologies. He edited the 1984 speculative anthology Burning With a Vision 1984 and the 2020 art history book Born From A Hurricane. He has nine poetry collections, won three Rhysling Awards (2 short, 1 long), and was nominated for the Nebula for his short fiction. In 2005 Robert was named SFPA Grand Master. His interests include science poetry, fine art printmaking, beachcombing, art history, birding, geology, and en plein air painting.

Maxwell I. Gold is a Jewish-American cosmic horror poet and editor, with an extensive body of work comprising over 300 poems since 2017. His writings have earned a place alongside many literary luminaries in the speculative fiction genre. His work has appeared in numerous literary journals, magazines, and anthologies. Maxwell’s work has been recognized with multiple nominations including the Rhysling Award, the Pushcart Prize, and the Bram Stoker Awards. Maxwell also served as the editor for 2023 Rhysling Anthology. Find him and his work at www.thewellsoftheweird.com.

Jordan Hirsch writes speculative fiction and poetry while occupying the ancestral and current homelands of the Dakota people, Mni Sota Makoce. Her debut chapbook, Both Worlds, is out with Bottlecap Press, and more of her work is available with Strange Horizons, Utopia Science Fiction Magazine, and other venues. Having chaired the Elgin Awards twice, she is currently serving as SFPA treasurer. Find more on her website: jordanrhirsch.wordpress.com.

Diane Severson Mori is a professional classical singer and voice/singing teacher. Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, she has lived in several European countries and is now in the UK. She became involved with SpecPo since 2011 when she started podcasting poetry for the Podcast Fiction Magazine, StarShipSofa. She volunteers for the SFPA wearing many different hats, but most importantly as Membership Chair. She has edited, reviewed, and recorded speculative poetry in several venues including Eye to the Telescope, Amazing Stories, and Star*Line. She has even published a poem or two and dares you to find them.

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