2022 Elgin Award Candidates
For books published in 2020 and 2021

2022 Elgin Chair: Jordan Hirsch
Jordan Hirsch photoJordan Hirsch writes speculative fiction and poetry in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. She served as the 2021 Elgin Award Chair and is excited to reprise her role this year. Her work has appeared with Apparition Literary MagazineLiminality Magazine, Daily Science Fiction, and other venues. Find her on Twitter: @jordanrhirsch.

Book Award Winners spacer Chapbook Award Winners
Can You Sign My Tentacle? coverWinner: Can You Sign My Tentacle? • Brandon O'Brien (Interstellar Flight Press, 2021)   Otherwheres coverWinner: Field Guide to Invasive Species of Minnesota • Amelia Gorman (Interstellar Flight Press, 2021)
Tortured Willows cover2nd Place: Tortured Willows: Bent. Bowed. Unbroken. • Christina Sng, Angela Yuriko Smith, Lee Murray, & Geneve Flynn (Yuriko Publishing, 2021)   Tug of a Black Hole cover2nd Place: Tug of a Black Hole • Deborah P Kolodji (Title IX Press, 2021)
Unquiet Stars cover3rd Place: Unquiet Stars • Ann K. Schwader (Weird House Press, 2021)   Visions at Templeglantine  cover3rd Place: Visions at Templeglantine • John W. Sexton (Revival Press, 2020)

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Full-Length Book Award Winners:
Brandon O'Brien photo
Brandon O’Brien is a writer, performance poet, teaching artist and game designer from Trinidad and Tobago. His work has been shortlisted for the 2014 Alice Yard Prize for Art Writing, the 2014 and 2015 Small Axe Literary Competitions, and the 2020 Ignyte Award for Best in Speculative Poetry, and is published in Strange HorizonsReckoning, and New Worlds, Old Ways: Speculative Tales from the Caribbean, among others. He is the former Poetry editor of FIYAH: A Magazine of Black Speculative Fiction. His debut poetry collection, Can You Sign My Tentacle?, is available from Interstellar Flight Press.

Lee Murray is a writer, editor, screenwriter, and poet from Aotearoa-New Zealand. She is a four-time Bram Stoker Awards® winner, Shirley Jackson Award winner, and a USA Today Bestselling author. Read more at  https://www.leemurray.info/
Angela Yuriko Smith is a third-generation Shimanchu-American and an award-winning poet, author, and publisher with 20+ years of experience as a professional writer in nonfiction. Publisher of Space & Time magazine (est. 1966), a two-time Bram Stoker Awards® Winner, and HWA Mentor of the Year for 2020, connect with her at angelaysmith.com.
Christina Sng is the three-time Bram Stoker Award-winning author of A Collection of Nightmares, A Collection of Dreamscapes, and Tortured Willows. Her poetry, fiction, essays, and art appear in numerous venues worldwide, including Interstellar Flight Magazine, Penumbric, Southwest Review, Weird Tales, and The Washington Post. Christina’s book on speculative haiku The Gravity of Existence is slated for December 2022. Visit her at  christinasng.com and connect @christinasng.
Geneve Flynn is a two-time Bram Stoker Award- and Shirley Jackson Award-winning fiction editor, author, and poet. Her works have been nominated and shortlisted for the British Fantasy, Ditmar, Aurealis, Australian Shadows, and Rhysling Awards, and the Pushcart Prize. Co-editor (with Lee Murray) of Black Cranes: Tales of Unquiet Women. Read more at www.geneveflynn.com.au.

Octavia Cade photo
Ann K. Schwader’s eighth poetry collection, Unquiet Stars, appeared in 2021 from Weird House Press.  Ann is a two-time Bram Stoker Award Finalist, and has received Rhysling Awards for both short and long form work.  She was named an Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association Grand Master in 2019, and has also appeared as Poet Laureate for NecronomiCon Providence in 2015. A Wyoming native, she now lives & writes in suburban Colorado.  Find out more at http://www.schwader.net/.


Chapbook Award Winners:
Amelia Gorman photo
Amelia Gorman lived in Minneapolis for fifteen years before moving to Eureka, California in 2018. She loves the tide pools, redwood forests, foster dogs, and kinetic sculptures of her new home but misses lakes, looking at snow with a hot drink in her hand, good public transit, and Eat Street. You can read more of her poetry in Liminality, Star*Line, Vastarien, and Best of Penumbric. She also writes weird fiction, including stories in She Walks in Shadows from Innsmouth Free Press and Nox Pareidolia from Nightscape Press. Check out her forthcoming story (or very long poem) in Cellar Door from Dark Peninsula Press.

Deborah P Kolodji  photo
Deborah P Kolodji is the former president of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association and the first Dwarf Stars editor.  She created the SFPA journal Eye to the Telescope, along with Samantha Henderson.  She currently serves as the California Regional Coordinator for the Haiku Society of America, on the Board of Directors for Haiku North America, and as moderator for the Southern California Haiku Study Group.  She has published over 1000 haiku, senryu, and scifaiku world wide, and her first full length book of haiku and senryu, highway of sleeping towns, won a Touchstone Distinguished Book Award from the Haiku Foundation.  When not writing haiku, she enjoys walking the botanical gardens and beaches of Southern California.

John W. Sexton photo
John W. Sexton lives on the south-west coast of Ireland and identifies with the Aisling poetic tradition. His work spans vision poetry, contemporary fabulism and tangential surrealism. In 2007 he was awarded a Patrick and Katherine Kavanagh Fellowship in Poetry. A new collection, The Nothingness Kit, is due from Irish experimentalist publisher Beir Bua Press at the end of the year.

Voting for the Elgin Awards is closed. DEADLINE September 15.

Chapbooks (14 chapbooks nominated)
25 Trumbulls Road • Christopher Locke (Black Lawrence Press, 2020)
Borrowings of the Shan Van Vocht • Catherine Moore (Unsolicited Press, 2020)
Enkidu is Dead and Not Dead / Enkidu está muerto y no lo está • Tucker Lieberman (Glyph Torrent, 2021)
Field Guide to Invasive Species of Minnesota • Amelia Gorman (Interstellar Flight Press, 2021)
Good Boi • Jason B. Crawford (Neon Hemlock, 2021)
Horrific Punctuation • John Reinhart (Arson Press, 2021)
Lexicon of Future Selves • Gretchen Rockwell (Vegetarian Alcoholic Press, 2021)
The Miseducation of the Androids • William Landis (Hiraeth Publishing, 2020)
Shadow Box • Luiza Flynn-Goodlett (Madhouse Press, 2020)
Tug of a Black Hole • Deborah P Kolodji (Title IX Press, 2021)
The Undead • Luiza Flynn-Goodlett (Sixth FinchBooks, 2020)
Unearthed • Federica Santini (Kelsay Books, 2021)
Utopian Problems • Jean-Paul L. Garnier (Space Cowboy Books, 2021)
Visions at Templeglantine • John W. Sexton (Revival Press, 2020)

Full-length Books (45 books nominated)
Arthurian Things • Melissa Ridley Elmes (Dark Myth Publications, 2020)
blips on a screen • Joshua Gage (Cuttlefish Books, 2021)
Bramah and the Beggar Boy • Renée Sarojini Saklikar (Harbour Publishing, 2021)
Can You Sign My Tentacle? • Brandon O'Brien (Interstellar Flight Press, 2021)
Carpe Noctem • Robert Borski (Weird House Press, 2020)
Cradleland of Parasites • Sara Tantlinger (Strangehouse Books, 2020)
Cleave • Tiana Nobile (Hub City Press, 2021)
Dancing with Maria's Ghost • Alessandro Manzetti (Independent Legions Publishing, 2021)
The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows • John Koenig (Simon & Schuster, 2021)
Echoes From an Expired Earth • Allen Ashley (Demain Books, 2020)
Eclipse of the Moon • Frank Coffman (Mind's Eye Publications, 2021)
Exposed Nerves • Lucy A. Snyder (Raw Dog Screaming Press, 2021)
For the Ride • Alice Notley (Penguin Books, 2020)
The Ghettobirds • Bryant O'Hara (Frayed Edge Press, 2021)
Grave Goods • Cardinal Cox (Demain Books, 2020)
Igor in Therapy • M. K. Garrison (Spuyten Duyvil, 2021)
The Journey • Anna Cates (Resource Publications, 2020)
Kraken Fever • Kyra Starr & Angela Yuriko Smith (Yuriko Publishing, 2021)
Maps of a Hollowed World • TD Walker (Another New Calligraphy, 2020)
The Martian's Regress • J. O. Morgan (Jonathan Cape, 2020)
Midnight Comes Early • Marcie Lynn Tentchoff (Hiraeth Publishing, 2021)
Million-Year Elegies • Ada Hoffman (2021)
Monstrum Poetica • Jezzy Wolfe (Raw Dog Screaming Press, 2021)
Night Song • Daan Katz (2021)
notsleepyyet • Alexander Garza (Weasel Press, 2021)
Oblivion in Flux: A Collection of Cyber Prose • Maxwell I. Gold (Crystal Lake Publishing, 2021)
October Ghosts and Autumn Dreams • K. A. Opperman (Jackanapes Press, 2021)
Odyssey • John Urbancik (Dark Fluidity, 2021)
The Odyssey of Star Wars • Jack Mitchell (Abrams Image, 2021)
Past the Glad and Sunlit Season • K. A Opperman (Jackanapes Press, 2020)
Planet of the Zombie Zonnets • Juan Manuel Pérez (Hungry Buzzard Press, 2021)
A Predisposition for Madness • Aurelio Rico Lopez III (Hybrid Sequence Media, 2021)
A Ride Through Faerie and Other Poems • Clay Franklin Johnson (Gothic Keats Press, 2021)
Sacred Summer • Cassandra Rose Clarke (Aqueduct Press 2020)
The Saints of Capitalism • Benjamin Schmitt (New Meridian Arts Literary Press, 2021)
Saving Shadows • Eugen Bacon (NewCon Press, 2021)
Sci-Ku: Explorations into the Poetry of Science • Jay Friedenberg (2020)
The Smallest of Bones • Holly Lyn Walrath (CLASH Books, 2021)
Stone the Monsters, or Dance • Ken Poyner (Barking Moose Press, 2021)
Strange Nests • Jessica McHugh (Apokrupha, 2021)
Tortured Willows: Bent. Bowed. Unbroken. • Christina Sng, Angela Yuriko Smith, Lee Murray, & Geneve Flynn (Yuriko Publishing, 2021)
Unquiet Stars • Ann K. Schwader (Weird House Press, 2021)
Victims • Marge Simon and Mary Turzillo (Weasel Press, 2021)
who is owed springtime • Rasha Abdulhadi (Neon Hemlock, 2021)
The Withering • Ashley Dioses (Jackanapes Press, 2020)

Nominations per press: (44 presses)
1   Abrams Image
1   Another New Calligraphy
1   Apokrupha Books
1   Arson Press
1 Barking Moose Press
2 Black Lawrence Press
1   CLASH Books
1   Crystal Lake Publishing
1   CSU Poetry Center
1   Cuttlefish Books
1   Dark Fluidity
1   Dark Myth Publications
1   Frayed Edge Press
1   Glyph Torrent
1   Gothic Keats Press
1   Harbour Publishing
2   Hiraeth Publishing
1   Hub City Press
1   Hungry Buzzard Press
1   Hybrid Sequence Media
1   Independent Legions
2   Interstellar Flight Press
3   Jackanapes Press
1   Jonathan Cape
1   Kelsay Books
1   Madhouse Press
1   Mind's Eye Publications
2   Neon Hemlock
1   New Meridian Arts Literary Press
1   NewCon Press
1   Pebblebrook Press
1   Penguin Books
2   Raw Dog Screaming Press
1   Resource Publications
1   Simon & Schuster
1   Sixth Finch Books
1   Space Cowboy Books
1   Spuyten Duyvil
1   Title IX Press
1   Unsolicited Press
1   Vegetarian Alcoholic Press
2   Weasel Press
2   Weird House Press
2   Yuriko Publishing

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