The 2021 Dwarf Stars Anthology and Award

2021 dwarf stars anthology coverThe 2021 Dwarf Stars Anthology: The Best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Short Poetry of 2020

Charles Christian photo2021 Chair: Charles Christian is an English barrister and Reuters correspondent turned writer, editor, podcaster, award-winning tech journalist, sometime werewolf hunter (no seriously, an English newspaper once commissioned him to go on a werewolf hunt) and now a chronicler of weird tales in weird times. He was the editor and publisher of the Ink Sweat & Tears and Grievous Angel poetry and flash fiction webzines, he has served on the juries for the Arthur C. Clarke and British Fantasy Society awards, he was also editor of the 2016 Rhysling Anthology and chair of the 2019 Elgin Awards. Along with producing his weekly Weird Tales Radio Show and podcast, he is currently writing a couple of non-fiction books on folklore and witchcraft.

Cover Art
: Red Eye to Transcentral by Janie Christian
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Layout: F. J. Bergmann
Publisher: Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association

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Dwarf Stars contributor bios

2021 Award Winners

“Yes, Antimatter Is Real” • Holly Lyn Walrath • Analog Science Fiction and Fact, September/October 2020

2nd Place:
“The Softness of Impossible Fossils” • Robert Borski • Asimov's Science Fiction, July/August

3rd Place:
“Frozen Hurricanes” • Herb Kauderer • Minimalism: A Handbook of Minimalist Genre Poetic Forms, ed. Teri Santitoro (Hiraeth Press)

Holly Lyn Walrath photo spacer

Holly Lyn Walrath is a writer of poetry and short fiction. Her work has appeared in Strange Horizons, Fireside Fiction, Liminality, Eye to the Telescope, and elsewhere. She is a freelance editor and volunteer with Writespace literary center in Houston, Texas. Find her on Twitter @HollyLynWalrath or at

Robert Borski photo   Robert Borski did not begin to write poetry until he was well into the middle of his sixth decade—hence his frequent description of himself as a late-blooming child prodigy—but since then has had well over 300 poems published in such venues as Asimov's, Dreams & Nightmares, Strange Horizons and Star*Line, as well as a first collection of verse, Blood Wallah and Other Poems (Dark Regions Press). He continues to live in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, where he works on behalf of the state university system.
Herb Kauderer photo   Herb Kauderer retired from 20 years as a mostly factory-working Teamster to become an associate professor of English at Hilbert College. He has a PhD in popular literature, and an MFA in screenwriting, along with five other degrees. He has been a member of SFPA since 1989, though with a few lapses for child-rearing. He was lead screenwriter of the indie feature film Beyond the Mainstream (2013), and to date has written 18 poetry collections, 60+ short stories, 200+ articles and reviews, and over 1600+ accepted poems. He is trying to learn how to relax.

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Anthology Table of Contents
(51 poems)
[6 months] • Susan Burch • Star*Line 43.1
[adrift in space] • semi (Terrie Leigh Relf ) • Scifaikuest print, August
[alien hovercraft] • Deborah P Kolodji • Star*Line 43.1
[alternate history] • Greer Woodward • Troutswirl, April 29
[bacon and coffee] • Michelle Muenzler • Scifaikuest print, February
[black rabbits] • Michelle Muenzler • Star*Line 43.3
Blue Mood • Gretchen Tessmer • Star*Line 43.1
[bovine witnesses] • William Shaw • Scifaikuest print, May
[brain software warning] • Julie Bloss Kelsey • The Math Haiku Project, September 4
Document Search • Lorraine Schein • Full Bleed 4
[downwind] • Nick Hoffman • Scifaikuest print, August
[driving home] • Susan Burch • Scifaikuest print, August
[every lover] • Christina Sng • Scifaikuest print, February
[evil comes always] • Juan Manuel Perez • Hallowscream (Gnashing Teeth Publishing), October 31
Fairy Ring • John C. Mannone • Tiny Seed Literary Journal, September 11
[fireflies] • Anna Cates • Never Ending Story, July 6
Frozen Hurricanes • Herb Kauderer • Minimalism: A Handbook of Minimalist Genre Poetic Forms, ed. Teri Santitoro (Hiraeth Press)
[the FTL squad] • Deborah P Kolodji • Dreams and Nightmares 116
Garden • Kim Goldberg • Devolution (Caitlin Press)
[happy hour] • LeRoy Gorman • Scifaikuest online, February
[head in one hand] • David C. Kopaska-Merkel • haikuniverse Halloween haiku, October 31
[how bright you shine] • Monica Louzon • Quatrain.Fish, June 22
How to Tidy the Asteroids • Mary Soon Lee • Rune 2020
I Think the Article Said Something about First Contact • R. Mac Jones • Star*Line 43.3
[in a cracked mirror] • Julie Bloss Kelsey • The Math Haiku Project, September 4
Lesser Eternity • F. J. Bergmann • Survision Magazine 6
Light Voyager • Adele Gardner • Balticon 54: The BSFAN, May
[lonely robot] • Noel Sloboda • Scifaikuest print, February
More Than a Feeling • Lauren McBride • Space & Time Magazine 136
[on a pirate ship] • Lana M. ‘Rochel • The Poetry Pea Journal of Haiku & Senryu, Autumn
Phoenix • Colleen Anderson • Yellow Arrow Publishing V:3 Re(Formation)
[photons in knit and purl] • Kimberly Nugent • Scifaikuest online, February
[probably mist] • John Hawkhead • Horror Senryu Journal @horrorsenryu July 8
[right at home] • LeRoy Gorman • Eye to the Telescope 36
Runaway Greenhouse Effect • David C. Kopaska-Merkel • Altered Reality Magazine, June 17
Sailing the Seas of Lune • Robert Borski • Star*Line 43.2
Saint George’s Lament • Jacob Bergstresser • Departure Mirror Quarterly 1
seasonal greeting • Herb Kauderer • Scifaikuest print, August
[shapeshifter] • Ngo Binh Anh Khoa • Scifaikuest print, November
Sheets • Deborah L. Davitt • Frozen Wavelets 4
The Softness of Impossible Fossils • Robert Borski • Asimov's Science Fiction, July/August
[Sotheby’s Lot 9] • Greer Woodward • Star*Line 43.1
[springtime on Pluto] • David C. Kopaska-Merkel • Scifaikuest online, May
Surreal Agenda • Bruce Boston • Star*Line 43.1
[t)here] • LeRoy Gorman • Star*Line 43.2
[thrown away in recycling] • Christina Sng • Scifaikuest print, November
[wet market] • John Hawkhead • British Haiku Society 2020 Anthology
[the winged demons come] • Greg Fewer • Cough Syrup 3
[winter jasmine] • Debbie Strange • The Poetry Pea Journal of Haiku & Senryu, Autumn
Yes, Antimatter Is Real • Holly Lyn Walrath • Analog Science Fiction and Fact, September/October 2020
Zombie Night • Lisa Timpf • Star*Line 43.1

Nominations per publication: (28 venues)
1   Altered Reality Magazine
1   Analog
1   Asimov's Science Fiction
1   British Haiku Society
1   The BSFAN
1   Cough Syrup
1   Departure Mirror Quarterly
1   Devolution (Caitlin Press)
1   Dreams and Nightmares
1   Eye to the Telescope
1   Frozen Wavelets
1   Full Bleed 
1   Haikuniverse
1   Hallowscream, Gnashing Teeth Publishing
1   Horror Senryu Journal 
1   Minimalism: A Handbook of Minimalist Genre Poetic Forms, ed. Teri Santitoro (Hiraeth Press)
2   The Math Haiku Project
1   Never Ending Story
2   The Poetry Pea Journal of Haiku & Senryu
1   Rune
13   Scifaikuest
1   Space & Time Magazine
10   Star*Line
1   Survision Magazine 
1   Tiny Seed Literary Journal 
1   Troutswirl
1   Yellow Arrow Publishing

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