The 2015 Dwarf Stars Anthology and Award

2015 dwarf stars anthology coverThe 2015 Dwarf Stars Anthology: The Best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Short Poetry of 2014

Editor: John Amen
Cover Art: Two Crows, a Ghost, and the Moon (detail)
8" x 10" oil on panel © 2011 Kelli Hoppmann
Layout: F.J. Bergmann
Publisher: Science Fiction Poetry Association

Our thanks to Written Image for their donation in support of Dwarf Stars 2015.

2015 Award Winners

“abandoned nursing home” • Greg Schwartz • Tales of the Talisman 9:3

2nd Place:
Princess: A Life • Jane Yolen • Mythic Delirium, 2014

3rd Place:
The Square Root of Doppelgängers • Robert Borski • Star*Line 37:2

63 members voted.


Greg Schwartz fixes copiers and occasionally writes. Some of his stories and poems have appeared in Talebones, Horror Carousel, and Tales of the Talisman. He is very honored to win the Dwarf Stars Award and enjoyed the chance to read all of the poems that were nominated.

Anthology Table of Contents

1   Asimov’s Science Fiction
1   Atlas Poetica
1   The Book of Answers (Written Image)
1   Child of Words: Science Fiction & Fantasy
1   Drawn to Marvel (Minor Arcana Press)
2   Eternal Haunted Summer
1   Frogpond
1   2014 HaikuNow Contest, Haiku Foundation
1   Halloween Haiku II, ed. Lester Smith (Popcorn Press)
1   The Heron’s Nest
3   Ideomancer
5   inkscrawl
2   Modern Haiku
1   The Mo'Joe Anthology (Beatlick Press, 2014)
1   moongarlic
1   Mythic Delirium
1   Outposts of Beyond
1   Pablo Lennis
1   Prowlings
6   Scifaikuest
1   2014 SFPA Poetry Contest
1   Silver Blade
3   Space & Time
11   Star*Line
1   Take-Out Window: Haiku Society of America Anthology
1   Tales of the Talisman
1   tinywords
1   The Tower Journal

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