SFPA T-Shirts
Thanks to Michael Arnzen for coming up with our slogan:In space, no one can hear you rhyme.” See a t-shirt in action!

Fundraiser:50% DISCOUNT! Limited time! ORDER NOW!
You can still get a shirt! Sizes and colors below.

$20.00 SALE PRICE $10.00 each, including U.S. shipping. Discount for multiple orders (can mix colors/sizes) 2/$39; 3/$57; 4/$74; 5/$90; 6/$105; 7 or more $17 each.

Black or turquoise ink only; see design below. XXL and larger: $4 extra.

Free shipping in US only; e-mail sfpaweb@sfpoetry.com for international shipping costs or with any questions.

Pay via PayPal to sfpatreasurer@gmail.com. A PayPal account is not necessary; you may use a credit card at PayPal.com. Indicate size(s) and color(s) in PayPal message. Or, send a check made out to “SFPA” to:

SFPA Treasurer
PO Box 907
Winchester CA 92596

Sizes/colors available:

Black shirt/turquoise ink:

White shirt/turquoise ink:

  turquoise slogan

Turquoise shirt/black ink:

Hot pink shirt/black ink:

  black ink

Right now, SFPA can't afford to print more than one version of the shirt slogan. But we hope to print shirts again someday, with a different slogan (we'll be looking for fantasy and horror!). Please keep sending suggestions to Bryan Thao Worra, SFPA president, sfpapres@gmail.com

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