(You Are Here) Multiverse

There is no single universe and all of them are one.
Now begins the fun. You're here. You're there.
You're everywhere that there can be another you.
Your landscape artist in this play has got you on
the maze run through this multiverse that's you.
He wonders if you're going to smother
in the helter-skelter storm of choices.

The mirrors and windows rattle in their frames of light
for your attention. They are strung like stained glass
pages from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
on the taut striatal lattice of your intranet. You are here,
the electric flash in the nerves that bypass
the warp zone of the waking world. You Are Here,
reads the legend on that map. Which one is you?

Does it matter? Your finger is a pointer on a screen.
Click here to choose a linkline in the web. There is not
world enough or time in this cyberland to see the all of you,
but you might glimpse along the forking avenues
a hint of what imbues them all with possibility. The binding.
The tension. The glue. The paths not taken in the garden
whose forking ways are paved in your imagination.

—Gene Van Troyer