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December 2006

SFPA's Dwarf Stars Award Winner Announced
The Dwarf Stars Award is given annually to the best short-short SF poem of the year. To be eligible, a poem must be 10 lines or less and first published in the previous calendar year. The winner of the 2006 Dwarf Star Award is "Knowledge Of," by Ruth Berman. In second place was "The Stepsister," by Peg Duthie, and in third place was "Prayer Causes Stars," by Greg Beatty.

October 2006

SFPA's First Virtual Poetry Reading
Nine members of the Science Fiction Poetry Association recorded audio versions of their poetry for an online 2006 Halloween Poetry Reading. Visitors downloaded the recordings over 2000 times, and several poems received more than 200 downloads each. Since this turnout exceeded our wildest expectations, we are planning to make the Halloween Poetry Reading an annual event.

SFPA at Necronomicon
2006 Necronomicon photo
Andrea Dean Van Scoyok, Rob Sommers (Poetry Panelists)

2006 Necronomicon photo
Bruce Boston, Mal Deeley, Chris Ambrose (Holding up Rhysling Anthologies)

2006 Necronomicon photo
Rob Sommers, Elissa Malcohn (edited S*L in '80s) looking over Star*Lines after Poetry Panel

2006 Necronomicon photo
"SFPA Banquet & Meeting" after panels (Marge Simon, Mal Deeley, Chris Ambrose, and Bruce Boston)
Photographs by Arlene Ambrose.

August 2006

SFPA at WorldCon2006 SFPA WorldCon
SFPA dinner (clockwise from left): Drew Morse, Samantha Henderson, Mary Turzillo, Geoffrey Landis, Kendall Evans, Debbie Kolodji, Karen A. Romanko. (Photo credit: Bob Desharnais)

SFPA and speculative poetry made a fine showing at the World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) held in Anaheim, CA at the end of August. The events, organized by Samantha Henderson and Vanessa Van Wagner, included a SFPA table with poetry buttons and other freebies, the Iron Poet Poetry Challenge, the SF Poetry Jam with 12 poets reading their work, a magnetic poetry board, and a dinner for SFPA members. For more information: http://samhenderson.livejournal.com/20505.html

Cleveland's Speculative Poetry Workshop2006 The Speculators Speculative Poetry Workshop
John Nichols, Drew Morse, Richard Gombert, Cat Valente, J. E. Stanley, Mary Turzillo, and Marie Vibbert (pictured from left to right) met on August 2 to form Cleveland's Speculative Poetry Workshop, the Speculators. Other members include Geoff Landis, Kathy Walker, Joshua Gage, Dan Smith, Michael Ceraolo, Bonite Kale, and Maureen McHugh. The group plans to provide challenging critique of poetry in fantasy, horror, and science fiction. Present emphasis has been on challenges in form poetry, switching genre, and poetry of classical mythology. Speculators meetings are held in Middleburgh Heights Aladdin's Restaurant and Hickcox Cemetery. News courtesy Mary Turzillo. Photo by Marcy Hunt-Morse and John Nichols.

July 2006

The 2006 Rhysling Winners
Biographies and photos of the 2006 Rhysling Awards are now available, as well as photos from the "Poetry Slan." The award in the long-poem category went to Kendall Evans and David C. Kopaska-Merkel, and the Rhysling Award in the short-poem category was presented to Mike Allen. Additional photographs from Readercon can be accessed in the photo section of the SFPA mailing list by list members: groups.yahoo.com/group/sfpanet/. You do not have to be a member of SFPA to join the mailing list.

2006 Rhysling Winners Photo Page

June 2006

Boston and Frazier Win Locus Poll
"Return to the Mutant Rain Forest" by Bruce Boston and Robert Frazier received first place in the 2006 Locus Online Poetry Poll for the Best All-Time Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Horror Poem. The poem can be found in their collaborative collection Chronicles of the Mutant Rain Forest (Horror's Head Press, 1992). Locus Magazine Poll Results: locusmag.com/2006/Features/06_PoetryPollResults.html

2006 Bram Stoker Award
Charlee Jacob
's "Sineater" and Michael Arnzen's "Freakcidents" have tied for the 2006 Bram Stoker Award in Poetry. Both are SFPA members. Charlee Jacob's Dread in the Beast also tied for a win in the Novel category. Horror Writers Association: horror.org

May 2006

SFPAn Joe Haldeman Wins Nebula
Joe Haldeman has received a Nebula Award for his novel, Camouflage (Ace Books, 2004). 2005 Nebula Award Winners: sfwa.org/awards/2006/

Esaias Wins an Asimov's Reader's Poll Award
Timons Esaias won this year's Asimov's Reader's Poll Award for poetry with "Newton's Mass" (Dec. '05). Asimov's Science Fiction: asimovs.com

SFPAns Win in Balticon 40 Poetry Contest
James S. Dorr won First Place for his poem, "The Edge of the World," and Karen L. Newman won Third Place for "The Missing Link." Second Place was won by non-SFPAn M. A. Griffiths for "My Life with a Latin Professor." Balticon: balticon.org

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