2006 Contest Committee:

Coordinator: Karen A. Romanko
Judge: Marge Simon
Judge: Marcie Lynn Tentchoff
Judge: Scott Virtes
Publicist: Deborah P Kolodji
Publicist: Terrie Leigh Relf
Vote Tabulator: John Borneman

2006 SFPA Poetry Contest Winners

After receiving 277 entries from over 150 poets, the Contest Committee is delighted to announce the winners of the 2006 SFPA Poetry Contest:

1st Place "Morning, Europa" by Malcolm Deeley

2nd Place "Office Complex, 13th Floor" by Ree Young

3rd Place "Mice Over Fallen Mirrors" by Duane & Cathy Ackerson

SFPA Poetry Contest
Illustration by Marge Simon.

1st Place

Morning, Europa

We hung a thousand ribbons of glass
in the giant-shadowed sky
Dreaming ends, day's new fire, reflection
of our children's children's faces
in that sea.

—Malcolm Deeley

2nd Place

Office Complex, 13th Floor

The protocol is not to notice that the walls
are mirrored, not to stare or steal a glimpse
as you walk along the many-times reflected
hall or stand stiff and wary with your replicated
self amongst the elevator's crowd. Last time
someone did, he gazed too long; all we could do
was leave him till he finally died and dried up,
and then we swept the dust and clothes away.
Oddly, others came and went each day but never
paid attention to the sighing man, or later,
to the drying corpse huddled in the mirrored
corner. They were occupied, as usual, with
the lure of their peripheral egos, slyly
watched with quick, admiring, furtive eyes.

—Ree Young

3rd Place

Mice Over Fallen Mirrors

people have been gone so long
that mirrors, exhausted of purpose,
lie on the floor in silvery pools.

When the mice scurry over them,
something rises and snaps at them
like fish after food scattered
on feeding ponds.

On the far side of the room,
washed up on a distant shore,
the tiny skeletons stand
windchimes shaking
in no wind.

—Duane & Cathy Ackerson

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